Collaboration with Biosphere Corporation within Ukrainian Fashion Week

Collaboration with Biosphere Corporation within Ukrainian Fashion Week

Fashion is a kind of lever that allows you to respond and influence the modern problems of society and instill a conscious attitude not only to the Planet, but also to others.

In September 2021, we presented the «ROUSS IN» collection, the show of which was the final one on the first day of the Ukrainian Fashion Week.

The main idea of the collection is to demonstrate the inner beauty of a person, which does not depend on stereotypical ideals or prejudices imposed by society regarding gender, appearance, age, orientation, nationality, preferences, etc.

About the first show outside of model standards at Ukrainian Fashion Week

The performance «ROUSS IN» was aimed at awakening people’s awareness and revealing love for themselves and others.

It was the first show outside the model standards on the Main podium of the country, because the collection was presented not just by models, but by ordinary people, each with their own physical characteristics, values, with their own history of life, love, relationships … These are people who are not afraid of the stereotypical assessment of others, through awareness of their own beauty and uniqueness. The show was attended by people of different ages, nationalities, orientations, physiques, features of appearance. Adult models from the Zhytteliub Agency also became part of the performance.

About the «ROUSS IN» collection

The key element of the decor in the collection is the rose (rose in, «ROUSS IN»), airbrushed on the heart area as a symbol of love and the predominance of the inner over the outer.

As before, the main material in the collection is reflective fabric (gray and chameleon colors) for road safety.

The collection includes jackets and raincoats made of reflective fabric, hoodies, t-shirts, pants, hand-painted with textile paints from an airbrush, with reflective inserts or decor. All things are oversized, because beauty has no size.

Sustainable part of the collection

Sustainable fashion is one of the main vectors for the development of the Roussin brand. Despite the fact that the textile industry is one of the most detrimental to the environment, our team takes maximum measures to reduce this negative impact using no-waste technologies.

We want to break the stereotypical attitude towards waste (including plastic and textile waste) and show that garbage can be a useful material resource, it can be reused, it can be recycled into a useful product or art object.

For the ROUSS IN collection, together with the «Biosphere» Corporation, we have developed a limited collection of multi-colored shopper bags made of film, which contains 80% recycled polyethylene. Such a recycle system of «Biosphere» allows to reduce the amount of polyethylene in Ukraine by 860 tons per month.

You can buy items from “ROUSS IN” collection on the web-site.

Other Collaborations with «Biosphere» Corporation

This is not the first collaboration with the «Biosphere» Corporation.

In September 2020, we presented the «Never be the same» collection, the main idea of which was to reveal the impact of humanity on others and on our Planet. To create the atmosphere of the show, the entire podium was covered with black recycled film produced by «Biosphere» from their own production waste – recycled polyethylene granules. This material was used not only as a decoration, but also as a resource when creating elements of the collection: overalls, raincoats, trousers, bags, etc.

And in November 2020, we implemented a photo project at the «Polygreen» recycling plant, which is part of «Biosphere» and is one of the largest polyethylene processing plants in Ukraine (800 tons per month). The aim of the project was to break the stereotyped opinion of society about the workers of the waste processing plant, and to demonstrate the value of the profession of the future – the profession of restoring the Planet.

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