Collaboration with AHF Ukraine: hoodies and t-shirts with transparent condom pockets

Collaboration with AHF Ukraine: hoodies and t-shirts with transparent condom pockets

For a long time, the topic of sex remained closed to discussion in Ukrainian society. The imposition of social and religious frameworks, the Soviet upbringing had a significant impact on sexual education. We all remember the fables of parents that sex does not exist, children are found in cabbage or storks bring them. But it’s time for a change.

To promote safe sex and sex education, together with the charity organization AHF Ukraine, our team created a social project “Under Protection”. This eponymous collection of brightly colored hoodies, t-shirts and accessories with transparent condom pockets shows peoples openness to safe sex and willingness to discuss wants and needs.

The visual of the Project carries a deep semantic load. The walls of the university served as the location for shooting, the models play the role of students, and the designer of Roussin Sofiia Rusynovych acts as a lecturer. The bright collection against the backdrop of the dull walls of old classrooms symbolizes sex education, which is gradually gaining popularity in Ukraine, but is still influenced by stereotypes and taboos.

How does the “Under Protection” collection integrates into the overall direction of the brand?

Roussin is about safety. Our mission is to solve the social problems of our time with the help of fashion and the creation of clothing collections. Roussin’s DNA is the use of reflective elements for road safety, as well as the development of the Sustainable Fashion for the safety of our Planet. We use no-waste technologies, creating things from fabric waste, we use the entire fabric resource for sewing collections, even its defective parts, by dyeing them.

In the “Under Protection” collection, we combined our vector directions using textile “garbage” (remains of reflective fabric after cutting the main products) to produce shoppers.

Being “Under Protection” means having a healthy and safe sex life. Today, condoms should become an essential accessory in the life of every modern sexually active person. And the presence of a special pocket on clothes for a condom is a convenient way to always have it at hand.

Why rainbow print?

From a young age, we are brought up in a system where girls have to wear pink and boys have to wear blue. Although pink was historically masculine, purple could only be worn by nobles, and it was a symbol of privileged nobility.

“In our collection, we used the rainbow print as the color of the LGBT community in order to overcome the stereotypical attitude of society towards the belonging of color to one or another gender,” says Sofiia Rusynovych.

Collection “Under Protection” is:

    monochrome hoodies and T-shirts made of natural jersey, hand-painted with special textile paints from an airbrush or with a “Under Protection” print applied by a brush;
    reflective eco-bags with sewn-on transparent pockets for condoms;
    transparent cases for wireless headphones with a pocket for condoms.

When will sex education become commonplace?

Change is always a long process. Sometimes bans are better perceived by society than permissions for anything. This also applies to such a complex issue as attitudes towards sex and one’s desires.

With the development of technology, it has become easier to learn new things, you can find answers to any questions. And the expansion of informational boundaries allows you to understand that you are not strange, you are unique.

If we put a plant in a frame, we would never see the diversity of nature that surrounds us. A plant surrounded by frames will not surprise us with bright colors or shapes. Similarly, a person placed in a social framework will not be able to fully know himself, his versatility and his preferences.

Therefore, in order to restore our “social tree”, which will finally be able to start its branches without limits, time must pass, and such Projects as “Under Protection” contribute to overcoming social barriers and developing a free attitude of society to important issues.

The “Under Protection” collection can be purchased by everyone in the Roussin online store.

Other Social Projects of Roussin.

“Under Protection” is our third social project.

In 2020-2021, we implemented the SAFE FASHION project with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, which aims to improve road safety and reduce the number of accidents involving pedestrians. We created 5,500 designer backpacks with reflective elements, which were provided free of charge to children of primary school age in our hometown of Smila, Cherkasy region, and students of a secondary school in the city of Pavlograd, Dnipro region.
As part of the Project, we organized educational work for students and presented our own educational video lectures and an informative film in which motorsportsmen test the visibility of ordinary and reflective clothing on the roads.

Also in 2021, together with WhyNot? Enot Agency, we have created a collection of shirts with prints of dogs from the Sirius Shelter, part of the proceeds from the sale of which are transferred to the Shelter for the needs of animals.

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