ROUSSIN & Biosphere. NEVER BE THE SAME. SS21 – rou


On September 1th the ROUSSIN collection “Never be the same” was shown on the main podium of Ukrainian Fashion Week.

The idea of ​​the collection is to reveal our influence on the people around us and on our planet.

When we – people – are born, we look like a blank sheet of paper, and all interactions with the world around us fill us with information, change us. We become who we are. And all our acts affects not only the fate of other people, but also the whole world. They can change the world and humanity both for the better and for the worse.

On the catwalk, during the show, the creative director of the ROUSSIN brand Sofiia Rusynovych painted things in real time, thus imprinting on the models, transmitting her inspiration and emotions with the help of paint. And Ukrainian Biosphere Corporation has created a show atmosphere with recycled tape and 100% biodegradable GoGreen bags, which are polyethylene free.

“The biosphere is our home. And we must make every effort to restore it”.

“The biosphere is our home. And we must make every effort to restore it. Today it is necessary to rethink our attitude to plastic, to begin to perceive it not as garbage, but as a useful resource. It depends only on us whether we will become better and whether we will make our home better” – says Sofiia Rusynovych.

That is why the brand introduced into the collection things from recycled packages of Biosphere Corporation, produced from their own waste – recycled polyethylene granules.

The ROUSSIN team want to break the stereotypical attitude to garbage and to show, that it can be reused and processed into a useful product, or even an art object.

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