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Collaboration ROUSSIN X WhyNot? Enot to support Homeless Animals of the Sirius Shelter

ROUSSIN brand together with WhyNot? Enot present the ART collection BOY NOT A TOY. The initiative is dedicated to the topic of stray animals and reveals a different side of the life of our lesser friends.

The limited collection consists of 4 variations of elongated one-size shirts and was presented during Odessa Fashion Day 2021. The main feature is the interpretation of images of real dogs from the Sirius shelter. This decision was inspired by the desire to remind people that an animal is not a toy!

The dog cannot be taken to play, and then left on the side of the road. A dog cannot be deleted from your life if, for some reason, its health needs treatment. It is impossible to stop loving a dog just because it, like a person, has a tendency to grow old. After all, a dog is a real friend with a big devoted heart, which a person cannot always boast of himself.

Every purchased item from BOY NOT A TOY drop is a real manifestation of care for every pet from the Sirius shelter, because part of the money from the sale of shirts will be transferred to the animal shelter. In addition, a person has the opportunity to find a real little friend in Sirius and take him home, or take care of the animal.

Supporting the BOY NOT A TOY initiative and taking part in the filming were Ukrainian resident bloggers WhyNot? Enot – Nastya Gontsul, Vika Mare, Roma Svechkorenko, Bogdan Sheludyak, Luda from Hollywood, Nastya Eliseeva together with the founder of the agency Zhenya Taller. It is no coincidence that Victoria Temnova became the photographer of the shooting. In her free time, she is engaged in covering the problems of abandoned animals and helps to build pets, and is also the owner of a cat and three dogs, whom she saved from a homeless life on the street.

“We are responsible for those we have tamed!” – a quote from the book “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, a favorite work of the designer of the ROUSSIN brand Sofia Rusinovich.

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