In gratitude to the planet: ROUSSIN and customization

In gratitude to the planet: ROUSSIN and customization

The final month of the year is always a period when humanity takes stock and plans to improve the next 12 months. ROUSSIN has already decided to make changes in 2021. The Ukrainian brand expands the possibilities for customizing clothing and accessories, making it accessible to everyone in order to help the planet not drown from an overabundance of consumer demands.

The ROUSSIN brand carries out the magic of customization with the help of an airbrush, turning everyday life into an object of art. This process guarantees the uniqueness of the product, because the applied print cannot be repeated identically.

You can paint everything: your favorite white sneakers with traces of all techno parties, a vintage grandmother’s bag with scuffs of the last century, a black leather jacket from second-hand and a note “2 seasons in standby mode in the closet”, or never worn, but bought like everyone else , shirt. A unique drawing adds value, and the product gets a new look and, accordingly, a second chance for existence.

“The world has given us endless possibilities, and in gratitude now we should take care of it: it of us, we of it, we of each other!”

Customization bonus – optimization of work with materials. The applied design can hide fabric or fading defects, serve as the canvas for a new personalized product. This brings the process closer to zero waste production, reducing the total amount of waste in the world.

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