Personality Memories: art collaboration ROUSSIN and artist Andrew Blazhik

Personality Memories: art collaboration ROUSSIN and artist Andrew Blazhik

Our dreams are unprecedented combinations of old life experiences, memories and the desire to be free. If we could not remember the events that happened to us, we would not be able to dream. Life would turn into existence with a causeless sequence of events that does not begin from anywhere and does not lead us anywhere.

Memories of a carefree childhood and school photos served as the idea for the Art collaboration of ROUSSIN and the artist Andrew Blazhik. After recycling old material with the help of new technologies – laser printing on CDs in mixed collage technique, we got unique pictures. And like everything new, they are repulsive and memorable.

“We like to look for the idea of ​​the authors in the pictures, and when we don’t find it, we come up with it ourselves. And that’s great. This unites us in a chain where we all become authors. Where every thought and idea provoked by the painting is unique and self-sufficient! ”, – emphasizes the artist Andrew Blazhik.

“Children’s dreams can grow into adult goals. Dreaming to fly, control the wind or transform into a dinosaur is just a small list of fantasies, which, at first glance, cannot be realized, but memories of them make us freer! ”

The collaboration’s art works reveal the theme of personality formation based on memories and experiences. But, relying on the knowledge gained, this person forgets to cherish the dreams that are not conditioned by the social framework, which motivated in childhood.

Every day, individuals in the person of each of us create new eras and saturate them with meaning. But this is impossible without freedom and courage – to speak, declare, be heard. “This will not be accepted. They will not understand me … This is not relevant! ”- didn’t it bother us in a childhood? “Why the sky is blue?” – a shameful question when you are an adult. Increasing experience and status among people, in parallel, barriers are built in the form of awkwardness for not knowing. But curiosity keeps young and passionate. As long as you are interested in your enthusiasm, you remain a person and create your childhood dreams.

P.S .: the sky is blue because blue is more diffused in the atmosphere than other colors.

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