ROUSSIN Fashion-film “Human against Planet”

ROUSSIN Fashion-film “Human against Planet”

Fashion-film ROUSSIN “Human against Planet” reveals the issues of fight and safety: human safety on the road and human safety for nature.

Wars have existed since time immemorial, but the longest one is “Human vs. Planet”. This is an inexhaustible conflict that affects all life on Earth and requires everyone’s efforts to resolve it. As we treat the Planet not only as our home, but also as a toilet and a source of inexhaustible resources for our own enrichment. And, unfortunately, there is no Superpower that could stop Human in war with the Planet.

The video reveals the issues of sustainability and reasonable consumption, responsible attitude to nature, the need for sorting and recycling.

However, sometimes Human and Human in the Car take part in the fight. And this conflict – the problem of road safety – we can solve now. There is a Superpower – a reflective fabric – that can stop Human in the car, and you won’t even notice when it will save your life.

The video shows reflective things and depicts the heroes in black overalls with lamps, as an analogy of car headlights, and points out that the reflective force will not help if they are turned off.

“Recycling – ourselves, and then other garbage. Second life Yours and the Planets”.

ROUSSIN is security: yours and the planets. Roussin team uses pieces of reflective fabric, that left after the main production, and create reflective things for the road safety; tries to use all the resource of the fabric, even its defective parts, painting them; develops patterns with a minimum amount of textile waste; customizes unsold items from old collections and uses them in new ones. Thus, launches no-waste production.


The film was created with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

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