ROUSSIN AR-masks with images of the destroyed Cities-Heroes of Ukraine

ROUSSIN AR-masks with images of the destroyed Cities-Heroes of Ukraine

Fashion in war

For the third year we are living in conditions of uncertainty: two years of pandemic, crisis, war… We are changing our attitude towards physical things and understand that the most important things can fit in a small backpack.

We all continue to live on February 24. These tragic pages of Ukrainian history will live forever in our hearts and memories. They cannot be forgotten! Each of us will always remember our strength, courage, determination and unity.

Under these conditions, fashion does not disappear, but continues to be a kind of lever that responds to the challenges of modernity, and not only undergoes extraordinary changes, but also initiates them and acts as their locomotive. Although fashion collections have fallen by the wayside, every Ukrainian designer or brand directs its activities to speed up victory: an information war is waged, volunteer and charity projects are created, fund-raising is organized, and the lion’s share of the textile industry of Ukraine works at the front.

About ROUSSIN AR-masks to support Ukraine

To feed the information field, spread data about the real state of affairs, especially among the international community, our team created augmented reality lenses with photos of the destroyed Hero Cities of Ukraine. Instagram masks are very common today among young people, who are a conscious engine of change in the world. Our goal: to maximally attract users to use the lens and place publications in the network for the wide distribution of photo reports of the consequences of russian aggression. Everyone should see the true face of the enemy and know that we continue to defend the Freedom of the whole World.

“No matter, in which cities, countries or even continents we are now! We are all Ukraine! And we will definitely win and rebuild our native country!” – notes Sofiia Rusynovych.

The photos for the lens were provided by the photographer and videographer Petro Sazonov, who sees the world around him through the lens of an ordinary boy from the sleeping area of Kyiv, and successfully conveys details that are imperceptible to the eye at first glance. His works, repeatedly presented at international exhibitions, are full of artistic realism, meaning and life. Before the active phase of the war, Petro worked as a director on television, in particular on the project “Supermodel in Ukrainian”, and in March he was going to shoot a full-length teaser. With the beginning of the war, he could not stay away: he works as a fixer and captures on camera the consequences of the war, which everyone should see.

In addition to AR-masks with the image of destroyed cities, our team developed Instagram masks with Ukrainian symbols, which are available for free in the ROUSSIN account: black glasses with the flag of Ukraine and blue-yellow glasses.

ROUSSIN Masks available by the link.

ROUSSIN’s volunteer activities during the war

In March, our team volunteered at the humanitarian distribution center in Krakiw, where we sorted clothes for refugees. Together with friends, we raised funds and bought body armor for the TRO in Smila’s hometown, and gave them the hoodies of our own production that were available. We collect funds from foreign friends and clients for the purchase of baby food and diapers for displaced people in our hometown. Together with WhyNot Enot Agency, we continue to help the Animal Shelter “Sirius”: we donate at least 10% of the sales of the BOY NOT A TOY collection.

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