FW 17-18 the "Naked King"

The "Naked King" is a story about children's sincerity and falseness of adult people, about the truth and flattery, that numerous statements of officials contain nothing but emptiness.

The idea of this collection is that only children with their sincerity and directness, with no stereotypes can give a true perspective on what is happening. Therefore, it is very important for all of us, to remain children and save children's perception of reality inside, regardless of age!

Cotton, lace, faux fur and suede - are used in the "Naked King" collection. The looks are made with flounces and frills, which are the attribute of Royal costumes, and at the same time reminds children's clothes. The checkered cloth comes out as a symbol of aristocracy.

Costumes are decorated with painted slogans: "Blind people", "Naked King", "All power to the children ", "God knows", "Children see" and so forth.

The author has used innovative in Ukraine printing on faux fur and fabric lamination. Almost all looks are the transformers.