FW 18-19

FW 18-19

SS 18

SS18 "Light for Life"

The collection affects the social problems of our time and find effective ways to solve them.

The collection "Light for Life" reveals the beauty of street sports and demonstrates the need to improve the safety of the movements of all the participants on the roads.

We emphasize that safety is a matter not only for car drivers, but for all the humanity. By creating clothes with reflective elements, the ROUSSIN brand strives to make safety stylish and to introduce it into everyday life.

Going out in the dark, even in black clothes, no one will be unnoticed, thereby saving life to themselves and others.

The collection "Light for Life" presents flying urban bows, made of natural breathable materials, to ensure freedom and ease of movement. All items decorated with reflective prints, appliqués and stitches. The collection also presents a line of sweaters, again knited from old, with a woven reflective thread.

The looks supplemented with transparent bags made of PVC film, sewn on with reflective threads.

FW 17-18

FW 17-18 the "Naked King"

The "Naked King" is a story about children's sincerity and falseness of adult people, about the truth and flattery, that numerous statements of officials contain nothing but emptiness.

The idea of this collection is that only children with their sincerity and directness, with no stereotypes can give a true perspective on what is happening. Therefore, it is very important for all of us, to remain children and save children's perception of reality inside, regardless of age!

Cotton, lace, faux fur and suede - are used in the "Naked King" collection. The looks are made with flounces and frills, which are the attribute of Royal costumes, and at the same time reminds children's clothes. The checkered cloth comes out as a symbol of aristocracy.

Costumes are decorated with painted slogans: "Blind people", "Naked King", "All power to the children ", "God knows", "Children see" and so forth.

The author has used innovative in Ukraine printing on faux fur and fabric lamination. Almost all looks are the transformers.



The collection imbued with the aroma of cherry blossom, summer breeze, sea mood and femininity.

Despite the lightness and airiness of the collection, it also reveals the social problems of our time - in conditions of the technology development parents devote less and less attention to their children. So they spend their time not in the social environment, but in the technological one.

The dresses and suits are made of flying chiffon and light summer jacquard with authorial prints of the seashells, palm leaves, toucans and sakura on the stripes.

SS 17

SS17 "Give Me Peace"

The main idea of ​​the collection s/s 17 «Give Me Peace» - is the disclosure of various aspects of the human attitude to social problems.

The main objective is demonstration of the irony of the war when somebody make money, while others - trying to keep the peace. That is why, the reverse name of the collection – Give Me Piece.

The collection is made using a military theme. Light colored dresses, embroidered with protective patches, give the impression of camouflage fabric. The looks are complementing with bright underwear with the prints of super-heroes.

In this collection we use the special printed plastic with optical illusion for bags, shoes and stars on the dresses.

FW 16-17

FW 16-17 «I am the Maschine»

The collection FW 16/17 “I am the Machine” is about the relationships between man and automobile. In our creations, we proposing the "I am the Machine" collection, where technological development is seen as a modern phenomenon, one in evolution, and one that has fully become a part of our lives. We use Black, red, grey, orange colors, metal accessories, art prints, knits, shiny opaque faux leather, denim, plasticized fabrics, reflective elements, optical illusions.



The collection Cruise 16 inspired by the hot sun and sand of the desert, the sea waves and clear summer sky. In cruise collection we used simple cut and straight lines. The uniqueness of the collection is created by the usage of different textures of fabrics and carvings. Colors of the collection repeats the color of sand, sky, seawater and the abyss.

The items are made of lightweight materials, as a symbol of summer breeze, and of beige and dark blue suede, which carved ornament resembles sand dunes and sea waves. The peculiarity of style - long dresses to the floor and covered shoulders, that saves the body from the insidious rays of the sun.

FW 15-16

FW 15-16 "Tibet"

The collection FW 15-16 inspired by the beauty of the Tibet mountains and the image of Tibet in Roerich's paintings.

In the styles designer Sofia Rousinovich used soft gentle colors, that give you an opportunity to learn the wisdom and to uncover the secrets of your inner world, to feel part of the virgin nature of the Tibetan mountains. Moreover geometric stitching and stamping convey their unique topography.

The skirts are made of raincoat fabric, coats and sweatshirt – of neoprene with handmade prints. Fragment of Roerich's paintings is made with the help of the sublimation printing technology.